Huzhou University “Online Application System(招生报名系统网址):

1. About Huzhou University

Huzhou University is a comprehensive full time undergraduate university, and has a long history. It began by offering higher education in 1958, and became a university for undergraduate students in 1999. In November 2005, the university passed the Assessment of Undergraduate Education by Ministry of the State with excellent scores.

Huzhou University currently offer 16 master programs, 53 bachelor degree programs. The disciplines including Math, Clinic Medical Study and Engineering Study enter ESI 1%. 

Since 2002, International College of Huzhou University has enrolled hundreds of students from The United States, Canada, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Yemen, Bangladesh, Romania, France, the UK, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mozambique and other countries.

Welcome to Huzhou University!

2. Chinese Language Program:




Elementary   Chinese Course

   ElementaryChinese   Speaking;

   Elementary   Chinese Listening;

   Elementary Comprehensive Chinese ;

   Elementary Chinese Reading;

   HSK Tutorial;

   Chinese Characters

2   semesters – 1 year

Intermediate Chinese Course

    Intermediate   Chinese  Speaking ;

    Intermediate  Chinese Listening;

    Intermediate  Comprehensive Chinese

    Intermediate    Chinese Reading;

    HSK Tutorial;

    Chinese Culture Overview


2   semesters – 1 year

Advanced   Chinese Course

   Advanced Chinese Speaking ;

  Advanced Chinese Listening

③  Practical Writing ;

④  Selected   Readings of Chinese Newspapers & Magazines;

⑤  HSK Tutorial;

⑥  Chinese History and Culture;

   Drama and Film (Optional).

2   semesters – 1year


1) Foreign citizens, no criminal record, aged 18-55, in good health condition and in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.

2) Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university, respect Chinese customs and habits.

3) Good academic performance.

4) Certificate from highest education attained.

 Application Procedure

Applications to all programs should be ONLY done online through Huzhou University “Online Application System-

Step 1 : Register your account and activate it.'

Step 2 : Fill the application and upload all required documents as follows:

1) An electronic passport photo (white background)

2) Scanned copy of passport (the photo page)

3) Copy of your highest degree Academic Transcript (Notarized English or Chinese translation)

4) Copy of your highest degree certificate (Notarized English or Chinese translation)

5) Family financial statement (Minimum 5000 USD, Notarized English or Chinese translation)

7) Medical Report (Notarized English or Chinese translation)

8) Certificate of Non-criminal Record (Notarized English or Chinese translation)

Step 3 Submit the application and note your application number.

Step 4Check your admission status regularly.


l) Always mention your application number when enquiring of us.

2) Your CV must be complete & continuous until the current year (Study or work experience).

3) Ensure all information and documents submitted/uploaded are factual and legible.


1) Registration Fee: 500 CNY

2) 2) Insurance: 800 CNY/Yearpaid to Insurance Companies

3) Tuition: 15000 CNY/Person/Year;

4) Accommodation:

Double beds: 4960 CNY/Person/Year (Excluding water, electricity, telephone fee)

5) Management Fee: 1800 CNYrefund will depend on the actual situation

6) Health Check(Paid to the Health Center and Transportation): 700 CNY

7) Visa (Paid to the Immigration): 800 CNY

.Note: After you have passed the preliminary examination, Registration Fee 500 CNY shall be paid to the Huzhou University Bank Account before the admission letter and JW202 are issued, and the Registration Fee is not refundable and upload the receipt in the application system after you cover the fee.


Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship

Huzhou University Scholarship

3.Financial Information

Please pay the application fee after you have passed the preliminary examination, and it is NOT refundable.

1. If you transfer application fee in US Dollar (the amount of money shall be equivalent to CNY 500) outside China, please transfer it to the following US Dollars bank account.

Huzhou University US Dollar Bank Account is:


Name of Branch: ZHEJIANG BR.


Account No.: 33014028800220506119



2. If you transfer application fee inside China, please go to China Construction Bank. The following is our bank account, please pay CNY 500 and let the bank print your name and passport number on the receipt.

HuZhou University CNY Bank Account is:

China Construction Bank: 十大网赌网址信誉官网


Application fee: CNY 500

Tips: Transferring to the US Dollar account will be slow and Transferring to the CNY account will be quick. 

4. Contact

Address: No.759 Erhuandong Road, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province 313000, P.R.China

Tel: +86-572-2321028,+86-572-2322746;  Fax: +86-572-2321028